Fairbury Chamber of Commerce
Chamber Directors Meeting Minutes

Friday, May 5, 2017 @ FNB North Branch carry in Ray’s Deli

Members present:  Jill Davis, Dani Kettelhut, Johnna Austin, Sara Bundy, Paige Boeckner, Jerry Miller, Tiffany Pfaff and Sharon Priefert.

Absent: Lee Horky and Justin Newton.

President Jill Davis call the meeting for order at 11:43 a.m.

Fair Beer Garden, Friday-Saturday, July 14-15, 2017:
Guests:  Dennis Traeger & Bill Runge, Fair Grandstand Board. 
Dennis reported they would like the opening time for the beer gardens to be 7 pm both nights, bands playing from 8:00 p.m. to 11:30-Midnight.  Saturday night they would like to have a Grandstand Show at 8:00-9:30 p.m. which puts people sitting in the grandstands (with band facing a bit north-Jerry).  Beer garden would still be to the north of the seating with the Chamber doing armbands and checking ID’s wherever they chose.  The fence to the west is to be extended further west but not sure if this will be done or not by fair time.  PWF is to be completed by early July before fair time. The Fair Board also wants to allow minors in until 10 p.m. both nights after we had a 21 and over show last year.  Jerry will go to the fairgrounds with Bill and discuss stage options for Friday night.  Thank you Jerry.

Minutes: Jerry made a motion to accept the April 21st minutes. Johnna seconded, Motion carried.

Financial: Next meeting.

Business After Hours (BAH): Recap.  Ol’ Red 99.5 did a Crash Customer Appreciation bringing a band and more food plus a free keg, it was a great turnout with around 100 attendees.  Super networking opportunity for us all.

16 oz. Koozies for beer garden:  Sharon presented 2 bids for Koozies, Dani made a motion that we go with McBattas Group for the koozies, yellow and get 5 advertisers.  Tiffany seconded. Motion carried. Sharon will get this going.

Website Retool Proposal:  Johnna made a motion to accept the proposal from Garner Design Solutions to retool our current website www.fairburychamber.org , Paige seconded.  Sharon will contact Lena to get this started.

Part-time Office Assistant Opening:  We are accepting resumes/applications through the end of May. Approximately 15-20 hours a week, morning hours but hours are flexible.  Pay based on experience.

Next Board Meeting:  Friday, May 21 @ 11:30 a.m. location and meal TBA.

Respectfully submitted, Sharon Priefert